The importance of the use of mulch in the garden is increasing, as more and more people are becoming aware of the positive effects of mulching. We developed the Lenabox Garden straw with the desire to offer our customers a product of excellent quality that is also easy to use and to apply. Lenabox Garden is available in a 17 kg pack.


For everyone involved in gardening, reducing the effects of the weather on plants and soil structure is a major challenge. In addition, gardeners are often faced with a battle against time, as work that is not carried out in the garden on time can have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of the harvest.

A suitable mulch can be of great help against different factors that can occur from early spring to late autumn and influence the thriving of your garden plants. It does not matter whether you grow your plants in a garden or in covered greenhouses.

We know from experience that Lenabox Garden straw is a very effective and high-quality mulch layer. Our Lenabox Garden straw is not only characterized by its practical packaging, but also by its unmistakable structure, which is very efficient and of high quality compared to other types of mulching.

Lenabox Garden straw is the ideal tool for your garden, because:

  • it protects the soil from drying out,
  • it protects the soil from heat in summer and from frost in winter,
  • it maintains the structure of the soil around the plants in the event of heavy rainfall or additional irrigation,
  • it prevents the risk of fruit damage and rotting of the fruit from contact with the ground,
  • it reduces the intensity of weed growth,
  • the straw is cut short so that the soil can be loosened without having to remove the mulch layer first,
  • it can be applied in a thin layer, which reduces the multiplication of snails,
  • it improves the soil structure - the soil remains loose,
  • as the mulch layer slowly decomposes, nutrients are gradually added to the soil, this creates hummus,
  • due to our unique treatment method, the possibility of the mulch layer being carried away in strong winds is reduced,
  • using a mulch will improve the appearance of your garden.


Our straw offers excellent protection for all types of plants in the garden - especially for plants that grow fruit close to the ground (e.g., strawberries, cucumbers, low beans, and all other types of plants that need to be sheltered from weather conditions, it makes work in the garden a lot easier for you).

Mulching with Lenabox Garden makes it easier to grow sensitive plants, such as different types of peppers, which can be negatively affected by periods of drought. The Lenabox Garden mulch layer made of straw reduces these weather influences, regulates the moisture of the soil in the event of insufficient or excessive irrigation, and at the same time enables the necessary loosening of the soil without you having to remove the mulch.

Lenabox Garden straw, which can also be applied in a slightly thicker layer, is also suitable as a mulch for tomato seedlings. If there is a need for more water, Lenabox Garden ensures that the required moisture is retained for longer, and the soil next to the plants is not compacted.

The repeated application of Lenabox Garden straw in thin layers throughout the whole year, from sowing and planting to harvest, proved to be the most effective method of utilization. When preparing the soil for new plants, the existing mulch layer does not necessarily have to be removed - the remnants can easily be mixed with the soil, after which the vegetable patch or flowerbed can be covered with a new layer of Lenabox Garden straw and a new cycle begins.

Simple, practical and effective.